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Tube Reservation

Tube Reservation Form

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Thank you for planning a tubing visit to the area

Please be sure everyone in your party has completed the recreation release form. The release must be done prior to ticket purchase.

Tip: On occasion reservations are canceled for a once fully booked sessions may have last minute space become available prior to the 5PM cut off. You could consider checking back at a later date, this might be helpful for a small party with limited time availability or spur of the moment activity.

A quick rundown of what to do after making your reservation: When you arrive please limit the number of guests at both the cash register and in the building. Be prepared to provide the contact person name used in the form and the start time of the tubing session. The staff member will confirm if their reservation is all set or if there is an issue such as a guest release form is not on file. The final purchase is made and the tickets for the entire party will be given to the person making the purchase then can be taken and distributed as needed away from the sales area like slope side or in the parking lot

Also be sure to check out our covid related information and masking requirements and requirements related to tubing as it has changed from previous years (the two most significant are participants must be age 3 or older and weigh 300 pounds or less).

Cancellations: We understand there may be a need to cancel most importantly to prevent the spread illness to the general population and is the corner stone of why the reservation system was implemented. Other reasons such as to weather and unforeseen conflicts are in most cases are acceptable and will be using a generous 5 point system to determine if it is necessary to suspend someone's reservations privileges. A few things to consider prior to making your reservation and how many will be in your party. The recreation area is not requiring you to pre pay and if you cancel we don't make any money, that you maybe denying other guests to tube during the same time but the session is full. If you have guests that are not fully committed consider taking a chance and make a primary reservation and do a second reservation at a later date. We have provide more information at the end of the form about cancellation process (the sooner the better) and more about how our reservations process plays a part of the big picture to help reduce the spread of covid.

Please Select Date and Time Slot you would like to reserve

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3/10/21 Closed For The Season

Note: If Time Slot is listed here as Full, it is officially Full, The calendar is updated once daily and may not match. *  

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If a reservation should need to be canceled please contact us right away using any of our means of contact. Provide contact name and the session date and time. The sooner we received the cancellation the sooner we can return your tube reservation back to the general pool.

In cases of members in your party have canceled. Please notify us in advance of the change in head count. We generally will tolerate 1 or 2 guest canceling at the time of sale but in cases of higher amounts may affect your privileges to make reservations.

You are not allowed to add to your reservation but can make substitutions. Make sure they first have completed the release form and be prepared to provide the new guest name and age information and the guest that are to be removed at the time of purchase. Remember doing this will increase the amount of time required to complete your purchase as the sales staff will need to verify that the new guest are on file in the computer system.

No shows, cancellations within 48 hours before scheduled session and repeated cancellations will be noted and could eventually be subject to not allowing you and members of your party to reserve a tubing time slot.

If we are not going to be operating for the time period we will make our best efforts to notify you by the email address that was provided within 12-24 hours of planned visit or as soon as we make a decision that would affect your session. Guest should also be double check website or call the area to see if there are any operating statues message prior to visiting the area.

About the tubing reservation system. This system was put into place to help reduce the potential exposure related to covid and ultimately should reduce the spread of the common cold and flu. Firstly by reducing the number of tubing slots we allow for more room to distance between parties during a session. The second is to stream line the purchasing and verification process by listing the guest participating on the reservations forms allowing staff to precheck release form are on file prior to visit to help quickly resolve issues such as a guest not in the system. Along with the reservation system the release form system will be used to track the date and time each guest has visited the area if covid related contact tracing should become necessary. Tubing sessions are segregated to reduce interaction between the two tubing groups and staggering the start and stop time. New tubes will be issued for each session with used tubes to be isolated until they go through a disinfecting process.