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Arrowhead Recreation Club

The Recreation Club is the primary hub for winter time operations at the ski area.
Our purpose is to educate children and adults by fostering and encouraging all forms of outdoor recreation, including, but not limited to, instruction and training in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, biking as well as motorized operation such as ATV and Snowmobiling.

Arrowhead ski operations returned to the area 2002 for the first time in many years under the management of the Arrowhead Recreation Club, a non-profit all volunteer organization. It was an unbelievable accomplishment and brought a lot of pride to all who contributed and help out. We have now completed our second season of operation with a very successful learn to ski program and simple but efficient Friday night and weekend operation.

What we need now more than anything is people. Our very small hard working group of volunteers needs help. We have great plans for Arrowhead in the coming years and need more people to get involved to keep things moving forward. Full time dedication is not needed just a little help here and there and a few people who can help organize things, like public relations, ski school, first aid and maintenance. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer, here is a list of areas we need help in.

We meet at Arrowhead Tuesday nights at 7PM, all are welcome.
For more information on becoming a member of the Arrowhead Recreation Club, please contact arrowhead@arrowheadnh.com.


Q. Is being an Arrowhead volunteer and being a member the same thing?
A. No, volunteering and being a member of the recreation club are two different groups

  • A Member is a person or family that either pays annual membership dues or has gained Honorary Membership Status, generally Honorary Members are dedicated volunteers, supporters, or people that the club’s voting bodies feel are worthy of Honoring. Honorary Members are granted the same rights and privileges as regular members.
  • A Volunteer is a person that contributes to the activities that are set up by the club, either operating the ski area, organizing a fund raising event, or providing a service.