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Arrowhead Ski Area's Safety Policy

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Warnings can be issued and in severe cases, tickets will be revoked for violations of this policy or for anyone who puts him or herself or anyone else at risk of injury. Our primary goal is for the safe enjoyment of the snow sports we love. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jumping - The building of jumps, bumps, hits or installation of any terrain park device is permitted only in designated areas to be determined by the Ski Area Management and Ski Patrol as conditions allow. When the landing of a jump is blind to the approach, a 'spotter' must be stationed so as to inform the jumpers of hazards in the landing area. NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to jump within your ability. Don't take chances. We want you all to enjoy a full season on the snow. Also inverts (flips) are not permitted. All terrain park elements are not allowed to exceed small size feature statues as defined by the National Ski Area Association.

Lift ticket enforcement - Please be prepared to show the lift attendants your ticket or membership badge prior to loading. The attempt to use The Arrowhead Ski Area' s lifts and trails without first purchasing a lift ticket or season pass or the attempt to use someone else's season pass is considered theft of services and can result in loss of skiing privileges for all parties involved. No refunds on lift tickets or memberships.

It is Arrowhead Ski Area's policy to WARN...
Reckless, careless or under-informed skiers where their actions could cause harm to themselves or others. One or two warnings, depending on circumstances, may be given before revoking lift ticket or season pass for:

1. Skiing closed or unlit slopes, trails, or areas not designated for skiing.
2. Cutting in a lift line.
3. Interfering with or endangering others or self. i.e.: Skiing too close to others, skiing too fast for ability or conditions, or colliding with others.
4. Skiing on terrain beyond one's ability.
5. Repeated use of offensive or vulgar language.
6. Throwing any objects from a chairlift.
7. ANY dangerous or inappropriate behavior
8. Other appropriate cases.

It is the Arrowhead Ski Area's policy to REVOKE lift tickets or season passes… If after repeated warnings, the offense continues, or, in severe cases after only one occurrence as documented in this policy. Lift tickets or season passes may be revoked in extreme circumstances without warning in at least the following cases.

1. Skiing closed or unlit slopes, trails, or areas not designated for skiing.
2. Apparent drunkenness.
3. Apparently using or under the influence of drugs.
4. Serious disorderly conduct, including among other things, fighting, damaging property, apparent theft or serious interference with or endangering others.