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Ski & Snowboard Lessons

private & group

group lessons

private lessons

Group lessons are a very affordable and comfortable way to learn to ski/snowboard or to improve upon your skills
  • $11 per person/lesson
  • Group lessons generally 3 but a maximum of 6 people per instructor.
  • Advance reservations are advised - lesson openings may vary due to instructor availability and snow conditions.
Receive one-on-one attention and tips during a private ski/snowboard lesson.
  • $16 per person/lesson
  • Group lessons have a maximum of 6 people per instructor.
  • Lessons will be scheduled based on instructor availability.
  • Advance reservations are preferred.
Additional Lesson Discount: Save $2 if you schedule another lesson for the same individual.
The discount only applies to the regular lesson price. For 3rd, 4th, etc lessons the discount is taken off of the full lesson price.

General Lesson Info

The skill sets for both skiing and snowboarding are the general guides of what will be learned at each level. Generally, the skill set will not be achieved in one lesson and progress will vary by each individual's previous experience and ability. During a multi-week program a person's skills would be assessed on a weekly basis to determine in which lesson cluster the person should be placed best progress. During your lesson we will work on improving your skills as long as time allows.

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Skiing Skillsets

Snowboarding Skillsets

Beginner Lesson Skillsets:
  • What type of clothing to wear for skiing and how to wear it.
  • Familiarize skier with equipment. How to get in and out of skis.
  • Learn how to fall without injury .
  • Learn proper way to stand up after a fall.
  • Learn proper skiing stance.
  • Learn how to form a "wedge" and control speed.
  • Learn how to transition from a "wedge" to "parallel".
Beginner Lesson Skillsets:
  • Learn how to fall without injury
  • Understand the shape of the board and the dynamics of using the shape to turn
  • Learn the correct balance and weighting of the board for straight running and turning
  • Learn a backside or "heelside turn".
  • Learn a frontside or "toeside turn".
  • Learn proper edge control
  • Learn how to ride the pony lift