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Snow Tubing Rules & Requirements

Always check the tubing operating status and conditions online or call(603) 542-7016.

  • One Person per tube.
  • Cluster /Group Tubing allowed only when conditions permit - check with staff.
  • Signed release from liability form for both adults and minors required.
  • If a child or adult needs special assistance, there should be 1 able adult per 2 children/adults requiring special assistance.
  • No ski boots on tubing hill.
  • Snow tubes may not be removed from the park area.

requirements for children under 5:

  • Must be with parent when in tubing area: 2 children per parent.
  • Parent is responsible for assisting in unloading the child either by encouraging the child to roll out or take the tube leash after the attendant unhooks tube with child in tube. At the bottom of tubing hill must assist child to get out of the tube and quickly leave the tubing area or parent must pull tube and child out of the tubing area while being aware of oncoming tubes,
  • Child must ride in their own tube and parent must hold on to their tube when going down hill.
  • Parent rides tubing lift ahead of the small child.