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if i volunteer do i get any benefits for it?

Yes, but remember the basis of volunteering is the sprit of helping to create something that would otherwise not be able to occur. Volunteering is also an affordable way to become an Honorary Member of the Arrowhead Rec. Club, which is the equivalent to a Dues Paying Membership. Volunteer benefits come in a variety of flavors that give perks to our long term as well as our short term volunteers.

Ski Area volunteering benefits guidelines are at the discretion of Officers, Directors, and Managers

  • 4 hours of work will grant you one day of skiing or tubing for a person of your choice. You have the option of either working and playing during the day or working the whole time and getting a voucher, or having someone else use your on slope time while you work.
  • Free Dinner if working a Double session day (work both day time and night time session general on Sundays and some holiday periods) Meal made up of entree, fries, drink and dessert item (combo meal plus dessert)
  • Free rentals if available, except during weekly lesson program, generally Saturday mornings, and no guaranteed reservations, feel free to have pre fit but if they are need for the public they will be put into service.
  • 8 hours per week commitment will grant 1 person unlimited (season pass status) skiing or tubing
  • 15 hours per week average from an individual or family will grant a family season pass status, skiing or tubing. A family is defined as parents and their children but will consider exceptions, on a case by case basis.
  • Family is welcome to end of season party just for members and volunteers with free use of the area and free food and fun.

Off Season Volunteering

  • Individuals volunteering during the off season will be evaluated based on the tasks they perform, amount of time committed to activities, and regular attendance at scheduled work sessions. Volunteers will be awarded either with vouchers, discount cards, or membership status that will be distributed in the fall season.

Honorary Membership status eligibility

  • Individual Honorary Membership will be awarded if you commit to 4 hours a week for at least 75% of the season or 75% of the operating days. Special consideration will also be made for helping during vacation periods, or working 3 or more of the 4 weekend sessions for a number of weeks, also volunteering time in the off season.
  • Family Honorary Membership status will be extended to volunteers that generally have two members of their family meet the criteria of individual membership or if more members of the family are involved or a volunteer virtually is living at the facility that meets the requirements of commitment for 2 people or also volunteers time during the off season.

how is eligibility determined for the various programs

There will be two tracking areas that will determine who is eligible for various benefits

  • The first is based on historic performance both documented and undocumented that the board or membership feels is accurate and agrees to extend benefits to that individual or family
  • The second track will be based on current performance or committed/pledged time. An example of performance based eligibility is that a person is at the area for 3 weeks and is putting in 8 hours a week and feels they will continue doing so for the remainder of the season, they may be extended a season's pass as long as they maintain the criteria.

can i lose benefits extended by the club

  • Yes it is possible, the largest group this will primarily affect will be the volunteers that come on for the season that have pledged to work a number of hours a week and are in danger of or are not meeting the set criteria that is set for a particular benefit. But all volunteers in the group are subject to scrutiny in this matter. We will carefully consider this action and warn folks ahead of time, in most cases a week in advanced. It might be a matter of simply losing season pass status and going back to vouchers, so it is by no means a complete loss and it can easily be regained by working extra time or just getting back on track as far as time commitments.