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Our Annual Cardboard Sled Race will be held on
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Arrowhead Cardboard Sled Race Rules and Regulations

Sled Design Rules

  • Sled construction materials: CARDBOARD and TAPE ONLY. That means no hardware or other materials permitted (no glue, wood, plastic, metal, rope, string), no foam or anything besides cardboard filled cardboard tubes.
  • Evidence of any “illegal materials” will lead to immediate disqualification of the sled and team - NO EXCEPTIONS, your sled will be inspected
  • Wax is permitted on and suggested on the running surface. Wax should be a solid base wax that can be applied directly or melted down and applied by brush or ironed on. No tape is allowed on the running surface - Detection of tape or other materials other than wax will lead to the disqualification of your sled and team.
  • Decorating your sled with paint, pictures, flags, etc. is encouraged.
  • Costumes are allowed and are greatly encouraged.
  • Come up with a cool name for your sled and team!

Entry and Time Line Information

  • Sled categories are: Youth and Adult/Family
  • Race will be held in the Pine Grove Tubing Area
  • Registration will be held in the main lobby between 10:30AM and 1:30PM
  • Judging of sleds (artistic, durability) will begin at 12PM
  • Sleds will be allowed to enter judging up until 1:30PM
  • Race entries will be allowed up to 2:00PM
  • Sleds must be at the starting line by 2:15PM and in running order
  • The race begins at approximately 2:30PM
  • Each entrant must fill out and sign a liability release form (Click here to view the form)
    If under 18 a guardian or parental release must also be signed

Entry fee is $8 for single, $16 for two and $20 for team of three or more

Judging Criteria

  • Judging will begin at 12PM
  • Sleds will be judged in two categories: artistic and construction.
  • The combined scores will be added for an overall score, costumes will be considered towards the score.
  • There will also be awards for the fastest sled from start to finish line (must make it in one piece) and other categories.


For Benefit Of The Arrowhead Recreation Area