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Our Annual Cardboard Sled Race will be held on
Saturday, February 15, 2020

Arrowhead Cardboard Sled Race Rules and Regulations

Sled Design Rules:

  • Sled construction materials: CARDBOARD and TAPE ONLY. That means No hardware or other materials permitted (no glue, wood, plastic, metal, rope, string), no foam or anything besides cardboard filled cardboard tubes.

  • Evidence of any “illegal materials” will lead to immediate disqualification of the sled and team - NO EXCEPTIONS, your sled will be inspected.

  • Wax is permitted and suggested on the running surface. Wax should be a solid base wax that can be applied directly or melted down and applied by brush or ironed on. No tape is allowed on the running surface - Detection of tape or any other material other than wax will lead to the disqualification of your sled.

  • Decorating your sled with paint, pictures, flags, etc. is encouraged.

  • Costumes are allowed and are greatly encouraged.

  • Come up with a cool name for your sled.

Entry and Time Line Information

  • Sled categories are: Youth and Adult / Family / Business

  • Race will be held in the Pine Grove Tubing Area

  • Registration will be held in the main lobby between 10:30AM and 1:30PM

  • Judging of sleds (artistic, durability) will begin at 12PM

  • Sleds will be allowed to enter judging up until 1:30PM

  • Race entries will be allowed up to 2:00PM

  • Sleds must be at the starting line by 2:15PM and in running order

  • Each entrant must fill out and sign a liability release form (Click here to view the form)

  • If under 18 a guardian or parental release must also be signed

  • Entry fee is $10 for single, $15 for two and $20 for team of 3 or more (max of 8)

  • Rules and release forms can also be found at the Arrowhead web site, www.arrowheadnh.com or at Arrowhead on weekends

Judging Criteria

Judging will begin at 12PM, the sleds will be judged in two categories: artistic and construction. The combined scores will be added for an overall score, costumes will be considered towards the score.
There will also be awards for the fastest sleds from start to finish line (must make it in one piece) and other categories.

For Benefit Of The Arrowhead Recreation Area