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In the process of updating last updated on 10-4-21

Volunteer Needs & Work

We are looking for people to volunteer at Arrowhead. Volunteering at Arrowhead is very rewarding . The list may be long but not all are necessary for the day to day operation of the area but are a big help in reducing the stress of our core group and allow them to focus on the core operation and be able to sit back and enjoy the great service we provide to the Region. The extra professional help will assist in expanding operations at the area physically, number of operating days open, and increased services

Please contact us to help - email arrowhead@arrowheadnh.com or leave a message at 603-542-7016.

help needed:

Ski and Snoboard Instructors: This is arrowhead's achilles heal, if we can't teach them we miss opportunity to learn a new activity but affect ski/snowboard rental sales, lift ticket sales and possible future instructors

  • In search of a director to bring leadership and direction to the lesson program. Person would be responsible for developing and maintain a frame work for the program as well as engage and cordate with instructors. As well as focus on instruction best practice, to scheduling lessons/instruction either by set schedule or on will call
  • Instructing new instructors looking for instructors to teach and mentor new instructors
  • Individuals interested in learning the ropes to become an instructor

First Aid People: All that is required is to be First-aid and CPR certified; must be on site to handle any general first-aid needs.

  • Interested in learning first aid we offer a class in November for new and refreshers

Concessions / Counter Help: Looking for people to work concessions and ticket sales; this can get busy at times so the more the better.

  • Certified Food Mangers: Looking for Certified Food Mangers to primarily cover Friday nights but also welcome anytime just provide us with a current copy of existing certificate also willing to train one two volunteers (generally is an 8-12 hour online course then you take a 2 hour online proctor examen at Arrowhead). This is to attempt to comply with new food service rule to have certified mangers on sight at all times
  • Certified Food Handler: Help us up food safety game we offer the opportunity to take food handler training. This is an online course you take and is about 2 hours that can be done at Arrowhead or at home.

Lift Operators and Tubing Attendants: Operate lifts and monitor tubing area. You will have to attend a two hour training session to learn about the lift and procedures.

Ski Shop: Work in the rental shop fitting and adjusting rental equipment. We will help you to get binding certified to set up skis and snowboards and work the ski shop.

Project Leaders: Project leaders or a designated group of people to take responsibility for a single project and keep the board updated would be the most efficient way to ensure projects are completed. We had around six improvement projects that were laid out for this off season and very few have been completed, for various reasons. They were things like slope maintenance and enhancements, inside construction, building improvements, public address system, network upgrades and a few others.

work session

A work session is a scheduled time to meet to perform work on the hill generally during the off season. Task such as mowing, painting and lift maintenance are done. Pre-season work sessions are held every Saturday morning from 9:00 - noon. Please call 542-7016 for more info - we'd love the help! *and a great opportunity for community service hours!*