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Snow Tubing

Full Session Time Blocks



Last Hour (50 Min)


$ 8.00

For information about operating hours and schedule Operating Hours


What you need to know

  • Recreation release form required for both adults and minors. Link to Release
  • One Person per tube
  • Must weigh 300 pounds or less
  • Cluster /Group Tubing allowed only when conditions permit - check with staff.
  • If a child or adult needs special assistance, there should be 1 able adult per 2 children/adults requiring special assistance.
  • At times speeds in the tubing area might speed up, older teens and adults are expected to drag their feet if needed. Guest should attempt to stop at the bottom at the black rubber mats not the inflatable barrier at the end. If speeds get excessively fast the area my pause the session to groom or have to suspend the session for the remainder time
  • No ski boots on tubing hill.
  • Snow tubes may not be removed from the park area.

  • One Person per tube
  • Must be 3 years of age or older
  • Must be with parent when in tubing area: Maximum 2 children per parent/adult.
  • Lift Unloading: Parent is responsible for assisting in unloading the child either by helping to encourage the child to roll out and/or be ready to take the tube leash after the attendant unhooks child in tube.
  • After Your Tube Run: When at bottom of tubing hill parent/adult must assist child to get out of the tube and quickly leave the tubing area or parent must pull tube and child out of the tubing area while being aware of oncoming tubes
  • Child must ride in their own tube and parent must hold on to their tube when going down hill.
  • Parent rides tubing lift ahead of the small child.

Tube reservation services not offered

  • Max capacity is approximately 100 guests, first come, first serve, no reservations, sell outs are rare (3-5 out of 80 sessions yearly, mainly during the 12PM and 2PM sessions)
  • Release form required for all participants, See general information section above
  • Please note we reserve 10 minutes at the end each session to allow for grooming or staff breaks, not needed in most cases.
  • Always check the tubing operating status and conditions on our Facebook page

Arrowhead reserves the right to limit ticket sales

Please check the calendar below to see possible high usage counts due to group visits.

Group Rate Discount Requirements

Groups not seeking a discount do not require formal notification or pre checking but is always appreciated
Group should be 10 or more

  • Required to contact the ski area at least 7 days before planned visit to receive discounted pricing and check availability to accommodate group.
  • Discount is only offered for full session ticket purchases
  • Rate 10+ $10.00 per person
  • Please be sure you have committed number guest to attend or be prepared to either pay the non discounted rate or still pay for the ticket that won't be used (last minute substations are ok)
  • Payment is to be done in one transaction unless arrangements have been made prior to visit
  • This does not apply to Party events that have booked a room and will be tubing, discount will still be done based on final head count
    Groups are required to either complete the Roster and Permission Slip format or fill out the Online release form
  • Roster and Permission Slip format, we provide the form packet (mainly used by larger organized groups or institutions)
  • Standard Release Form, mainly for smaller groups that are made up family subgroups, friends, or other general social relationship
  • If using the Standard Release Form, The group will be required to provide a list of the form Quick Check numbers (or the person that filled out the form) and a sorted list of guest from each form that will be tubing prior to your visit